And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.

Jesus - Matthew 24:12

We have been amazed, since MKCC began almost 40 years ago, how the Lord provides what we need for the things that we are doing in his name. This year our All In – Mission vision provides incredible opportunities for you to invest as we boldly "GO" and make Jesus known in our world through our church missions arm - LightForce International.


This next year we are asking you to stand with us and give £69,000 to support the work of LightForce International in India & Uganda with our mission to bring the good news of Jesus and his love to the most vulnerable in society.

Missions Worker Support - £15,000

We would like to ask you to support Beth Henderson who is working as part of LightForce. Beth provides excellent UK support for the activities of LightForce as well as developing the support base of the charity. With her background in education, she also is key to the ongoing development and training of our staff and teachers in the nursery and school in Lira, Uganda.


In India we are working with the Gospel Mission, ‘Home of Faith’ and working in some of the most un-penetrable areas of India, where there’s huge opposition to the gospel. We are passionate about sharing the love of Jesus, through practical help and support, with those who need to hear the Good News. We are supporting tuition projects where children get further teaching in the addition to traditional schooling, which in some areas is of poor quality. We are training Bible School students, who go to work in such areas - often at great personal risk to their lives. We are also supporting children’s homes, where children are looked after, receive education, medical treatment and are prepared to live their lives independently, with a hope and a future.

In India we are asking for:

  • £10,000 to support Sunitha in her work with the orphans cared for in the Home of Faith
  • £3,000 to develop Tuition Projects for children through our partners at Indian Gospel Mission in some of the most challenging places in India
  • £3,000 to train church planters to preach the gospel in unreached towns and villages through IGM Bible School Project

What could this look like for you?

  • £25/MONTH or £300 /YEAR will run a tuition centre
  • £20 /MONTH will support a child at Home of Faith
  • £30 /MONTH will support a student at Bible School


In Uganda, we are working hard to educate children and give them hope and a future. Children from the age of three are sponsored to go to our schools - through the nursery, primary, and then the option to go to secondary school, or university, or to go onto vocational training. For those raised in poverty, having the chance to get an education, changes their entire future and gives them the prospect of work in the future.

In Uganda we are asking for:

  • £6,000 supporting the work of our friends Mary & Bruno in their work of planting a church that will reach out to people in the area of Masaka
  • £12,000 to provide a first class education for children in LightForce Nursery and Primary Schools
  • £6,000 to provide bunk beds for students in our agricultural school
  • £6,000 to fiurther develop the infastructure in our Agricultural school development
  • £8,000 will send a container with much needed equipment for LightForce in Uganda

What could this look like for you?

  • £10 /MONTH will provide drugs for clinic
  • £10 /MONTH will provide support for a child in Nursery & Primary School
  • £20 /MONTH will support our Care Home for vulnerable children
  • £20 /MONTH will build a space for 1 student in a dormitory
  • A gift of £75 will provide a bunk bed for our children’s home

Our target to make Jesus famous in our world is £69,000.
With your support, we can make a huge difference! The smallest amount can make a great impact in our church, community and world. So, over next the next 12 months, we are asking that we stand together to give £150,000 to see our vision come to reality.

There is also opportunity for volunteers (individuals, groups & teams) to come and serve. By doing so you add value to what we do, build the capacity of our staff, serve people in need plus see & experience life in a different context.

We ask you once again to stand with us as we take Good News to the poor of Uganda and India, and practical help to people in need to enable them to work for a better future. Let’s be “All In”.