In last year's ‘All In’ campaign, we gave and pledged towards our vision as a church for the coming year. It is amazing what can be achieved when we unite together and all play our part.

Together, we committed £165,000 to impact lives here in Milton Keynes and across the world in Uganda and India. Your gifts are already in action transforming lives. Read on to discover our progress so far...

As we read the New Testament it becomes very clear to us that church in the mind of the writers equated to people and not buildings.

...built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Christ Jesus himself being the cornerstone, in whom the whole structure, being joined together, grows into a holy temple in the Lord. In him you also are being built together into a dwelling place for God by the Spirit.

Ephesians 2:20-22

At Milton Keynes Christian Centre, we firmly believe the building of people is building the church and that will always be our focus: people before buildings. But our history has also taught us that buildings are a great blessing and tool for us to use in the mission of Christ.

They are where we the church gather and celebrate Jesus, hearing the teaching of God’s Word. Where we invest into the lives of children so they can dig deeper and discover Jesus for themselves. Where volunteers buddy up each week with children who have additional needs so they too can get to know Jesus. Where young people develop relationships and get to know that Jesus loves them deeply. Where seniors enjoy each others company, where families are served by the Foodbank, where people are prayed for, marriages are healed and lives are changed.

We also use our buildings to generate funding for our mission. Through using the buildings God has blessed us with and you, our congregation, have sacrificed for, we have released finance to enable ministry and mission. Tiny Steps Day Nursery, Conferencing at MKCC and Strudwicks Coffee shop not only bring thousands of people into MKCC each year they also release tithes and offerings from being spent on buildings and administration.

However there are times when we have to invest into the maintenance of the building and the development of our equipment. So this year as part of our all in church fund we are asking for £30,000 to do this.


The original MKCC building, where Discovery Kids meet now, is over 30 years old, and some of the plant and machinery is getting to the end of its life span. It needs a little investment to keep it functioning well for the next 30 years. These are projects that hardly anyone will ever see but our kids, senior citizens and the other users of the Discovery Suite would feel it if the boilers packed up on a cold winters day. So this year, part of the All In fund will assist us in replacing significant infrastructure to keep our building serving the church and community so well.


Now more than ever we live in a visual age. Advances in technology are moving at breakneck speed and we want to harness that technology and use it the best way we can to tell others about Jesus. Through the generosity of our church we have been able to install brand new LED screens which have made a huge difference to the quality of the visual experience visitors to our services receive as well as providing cutting edge technology for customers of Conferencing at MKCC.

But more important than the screens is the content we produce. Over the last few years we have been strategically investing in the media and communication area of our church. In the same way that Christian leaders centuries ago used new technology, such as the printing press to get the message of Jesus out we want to use today’s technology to do the same.

So this year as part of our all in fund, we would like to upgrade our cameras, our streaming facilities and make upgrades to our worship team’s equipment. This will have far reaching effects that will be felt much further afield that just our local church.

Live Stream

Each Sunday, with the help of our amazing volunteers, our services are streamed online and watched regularly by around 50 people. If you are sick at home, away on business or on holiday there is no reason to miss a service. But even more exciting is the fact that people who don’t go to church are watching our services each week. As well as streaming our services online, we upload a video of the teaching each week to our website. It is amazing to hear stories of how these videos have helped others in other towns and cities around the UK as well as other countries.

Equip Resources

We not only believe in the local church we believe in the church worldwide. That’s why we have developed Equip. We want to bless other churches by giving away all the resources we have created.

Many churches in the UK are not blessed with volunteers, staff, resources and finance in the way we are and we want to equip them to reach people for Jesus. Churches from the UK, Brazil, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, and more, have downloaded free resource from the equip website.

Your investment in cameras and audio visual equipment will not only be resourcing MKCC but countless other local churches.

Children and Youth

Lastly we want to invest in the next generation. Each year we have the opportunity take children and young people on a life changing experience at summer camp. Camps can be catalytic in their spiritual walk. They hear the gospel and are challenged to a live for God in a radical way. By investing in the All In church fund this year you will be sponsoring children and young people to attend camp who would not be able otherwise to afford it.

Can you help us?

As you know our vision at Milton Keynes Christian Centre is to add a second venue in Milton Keynes where we can meet together and people can be brought to Jesus. Eventually, we would like this venue to be a permanent facility which we can call our own. However, building a new facility is expensive and the lead in time to build is long.

So it is highly likely that the new venue is will start in a hired facility from week to week. We have a team of people looking at all sorts of building across Milton Keynes. Including hotels, schools, community centres, cinemas and meeting places.

We are ideally looking for a venue with a hall to seat at least 200 people and additional rooms for Discovery Kids. If you know of, live near, or work near a venue like this in Milton Keynes we would love to hear from you. Please send an email to

With your support, we can make a huge difference! The smallest amount can make a great impact in our church, community and world. So, over next the next 12 months, we are asking that we stand together to give £150,000 to see our vision come to reality.