Vision and Values


Our vision is to bring people to Jesus, equipping them to be fully devoted followers of Jesus, it’s the driving force behind everything we do.

Our vision shapes almost everything we do. It is also important to us how we achieve this vision. Over the years, we realised that God had given us certain strengths and governing principles that were really important. We call these guiding principles our core values.

As fully devoted followers of Christ...

We’re Passionate About People

Lost people matter to God so te must matter to us

We’re Committed To Community

We do life together - building a loving community

We’re Moving Towards Maturity

We have made an intentional commitment to grow up in Christ

We’re Saved To Serve

We are simply God's servants doing what he equipped us to do and watching him make the difference

We’re Forgiven To Forgive

We will share radical grace with others in the same uncompromising way we received it from Christ

We’re Given To Generosity

We will lead the way with irrational generosity - we truly believe it is more blessed to give than receive

We’re Bringing Our Best

We want to excel in all that we do so that we inspire others, honour God and bring a smile to His face

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