Milton Keynes Christian Centre is a growing church, on the move. We are called by God to know God and to make him know in our city and around the world. God invites everyone to engage daily with his mission.

'All in' is an amazing time to celebrate all that God has done, all he is doing in the life of our church here in Milton Keynes and to look forward to all he’s going to do in the future. One of our values at Milton Keynes Christian Centre, is that we’re ‘given to generosity’ - we want to lead the way in irrational generosity, and as we look back over the last 12 months that is so evident in our church. Your faithfulness in giving over the last 12 months is making a huge difference in the life of our church.

Discovery Kids exists to encourage children to dig deeper and discover Jesus for themselves.

Every Wednesday over 120 children are part of DK Groups - a great environment for children to learn more about Jesus and explore the Bible at their level, while developing meaningful friendships with their leader and other children.

On Sunday, Discovery Kids is bursting at the seams with more and more children attending each week. Children are encouraged to discover Jesus for themselves and discover more about the purpose He has for their lives in an age appropriate way, through fun activities and creative, engaging teaching.

Because of your generosity last year during the All In Campaign, we will be able to financially assist families to send their child to Camp next year.

The week away will be a life changing opportunity - children grow in their confidence and independence whilst away from home, but more importantly, they grow in their relationship with Jesus as they spend time with great leaders and are exposed to amazing ministry – So again thank you for investing into the lives of child here MKCC.

Thank you so much for your continued faithfulness as you invest in the expansion of MKCC and the development of the next generation. The best is yet to come.

Fuse welcomes over 100 young people each Friday evening.

We are passionate about the next generation at MKCC. That is why we continually and intentionally invest time, finance, resource and people into making Fuse Youth the best it can be. Each Friday we see over 100 young people come together to hang out, have fun, worship Jesus and engage in discipleship.

Because of your generosity last year during the All in Campaign we were able to reduce the cost for each child attending Summer Youth Camp by contributing towards the transport. 57 young people came away with us to Summer Youth Camp with 6 leaders. We travelled up north to spend a week with young people from across the country; having fun and building our relationship with God.

Through your giving last September, we were also able to fund, in part or fully, the cost of 21 young people that would have otherwise been unable to go if it was not for your generosity. From everyone here at Fuse, we want to say a massive Thank You.

Our vision is to see locally 2000 people attending our services by 2020.

As one of the fastest growing cities in the United Kingdom, Milton Keynes’ population is set to increase to over 300,000 by 2026. At the same time our city is becoming more and more diverse. This presents a challenge and opportunity to us as a local church - indeed the harvest is plentiful!

Our vision is to see locally 2000 people attending our services by 2020. Presently we have around 1400 adults, young people and children attending our Sunday services. With our present facilities reaching 2000 is going to be difficult, hence our desire to develop a second venue. Because of your generosity last year during the all in campaign, we have been able to establish a fund of almost £95,000 for development of the second venue. Your giving towards the second venue is key to our future growth and these funds are reserved specifically to help us achieve it.

We currently have a team of people looking at our options, creating a portable venue in a facility where we would set up each week, leasing premises and converting it to suit our needs, or a new build. Thank you for investing in the future of MKCC.