Reflecting Jesus On The Move

What we are full of will come out of us in our daily lives. Watch Pastor Mark explore how you may reflect Jesus in your daily life.


Making Disciples On The Move

Jesus calls His followers to make disciples. Watch Pastor James explore the amazing impact a disciple can have on a future disciple to build a close relationship with Jesus…


God’s Spirit at work in Me

We are encouraged to “Walk by the Spirit”. What does this mean? And how do we do it on a daily basis? Watch Pastor Billy explore the amazing things we do when we walk by the spirit…


Living in the Power of God’s Word On The Move

The early church lived in the power of God’s Word to make a great impact on their communities. Watch Pastor Mark explore the great the power of living a life lead by His Word…


Sharing the Gospel On The Move

Our church continues to grow because we share the Gospel. Watch Pastor Fola speak about how Paul did this in the first century and be encouraged to share the amazing relationship you have with Jesus today!


Examples of people On The Move

Don’t know how you can impact your own and other people’s lives ‘On The Move? Watch Pastor George give us examples on how we can live by and spread God’s word when we’re not in church…


Equipped to be On The Move

Watch Pastor Billy Ritchie speak about how we are all equipped to bring the word of Jesus to people around the world. Listen to the word encouraging us to spread the word ‘On The Move’.