On The Move - Teaching Series

So from Jerusalem all the way around to Illyricum, I have fully proclaimed the gospel of Christ. - Paul

Milton Keynes Christian Centre is a growing church, on the move. We are called by God to know God and to make him know in our city and around the world. God invites everyone to engage daily with his mission.

United together we can make an impact in our city that we could never do alone. As each of us continues to sacrifice and to play our part we can see many people brought to Jesus and equipped to be fully devoted followers of Christ.

Of all the followers of Jesus, Paul was possibly the greatest missionary. He was chosen by Christ on the Damascus road to take the gospel to the Gentiles. His life and letters dominate the second half of the New Testament. In our teaching series ON THE MOVE, we will follow in Paul’s footsteps as we seek to imitate Paul, as he imitated Jesus.

Over seven weeks we will look at seven things the Apostle Paul sought to implement in the church in Ephesus before one of his historic missionary journeys that unleashed the gospel across a continent. Many received the good news with joy and were transformed; people were discipled, leaders were trained and churches were planted as God was on the move

  • Equipped to be on the move (Acts 19:9, 20:18)
  • Examples for others on the move (Acts 20:19-20)
  • Sharing the Gospel on the move (Acts 20:21)
  • Living in the power of God’s word on the move (Acts 19:20)
  • God’s Spirit at work in me on the move (Acts 20:28)
  • Making disciples on the move (Acts 20:31)
  • Reflecting Jesus on the move (Acts 20:32)

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    On The Move.

    You’re invited to join with us as we engage with our vision of “bringing people to Jesus, and equipping them to be fully devoted followers of Christ” in our annual ‘All In’ Campaign.

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