We are asking for £59,000 to invest into our work in the community. We want the whole of Milton Keynes to know that we take seriously Jesus teaching that we should “love our neighbours”.


At Milton Keynes Christian Centre, we are passionate about people. We believe that ‘lost people matter to God, so they must matter to us.’ One thing that is very clear from Jesus’ life on this earth was that people far from God loved to be in his company. We want our church to be a place that people far from God love to be a part of. Unfortunately, many people would never think of attending a church because they believe they’re not welcome. Many people are more familiar with what the Church is against, rather than what the Church is for.

In a recent UK study conducted by World Vision and Barna, the general public was asked to describe the Christian Church. The results don’t make great reading.
  • One in four said judgemental
  • One in four said hypocritical
  • Three in ten could not even comment
We want to change this in our city. We simply want our church to be known for what we’re for! We want everyone in Milton Keynes to know we are for them and God is for them. Jesus makes it clear that one of the hallmarks of His followers will be that they will “Love their neighbour as themselves”. Not only that Jesus then defines our neighbour, in his story about the good Samaritan, as someone who is radically different to us, even someone we would see as an enemy.

That is why this year, we want to continue supporting our new initiative called #ForMiltonKeynes. Together we are creating a fund to enable us to serve our city through various community initiatives and projects. We want our community to know God loves them and we are for them.

We have already seen the impact that can be made in our city through initiatives such as Food Bank and the difference made by our life groups as they met needs in their local communities during Better Together. But we want to take it to a whole new level. Author Bob Goss puts it like this:

If you are going to be for your neighbourhood, don’t put your toe in, do a cannonball. Be All In.”

Your giving is also key to supporting Arlene Peters, our Community Coordinator in strengthening our connections with the community and developing initiatives and projects that we as a church can get involved.

Sensory Suite
We also love to support families who have children with additional needs and our desire is to do this more effectively. To move this into the next stage, we’re looking to build a new Sensory Suite here at Milton Keynes Christian Centre. This facility will be a great asset to our work and will serve our Tiny Steps Day Nursery, Discovery Kids, the church, and the wider community.

But we want children with additional needs that are not part of our church to know that we are for them. That’s why we are currently exploring the building of a brand new Sensory Suite in the courtyard between the Discovery Suite and Day Nursery. We have completed our consultation with the planners, our architect is drawing up full plans and we have engaged the expertise of a leading provider of sensory equipment to design the equipment and experience of the space. It will be astounding!

40th Birthday

In January next year, Milton Keynes Christian Centre enters it’s 40th year of ministry, which is amazing! We want to celebrate this landmark in a significant way throughout the year.

In our 40th year we will be launching #ForMiltonKeynes. In doing this, we’re seeking to continue to send out a clear message to everyone in Milton Keynes that God and His church are for them. You will hear much more about our plans for MKCC’s 40th year soon, but we want to ask you to keep giving to make this a reality.

Our target to make Jesus famous in our community is: £59,000

With your support, we can make a huge difference! The smallest amount can make a great impact in our church, community and world. So, over next the next 12 months, we are asking that we stand together to give £150,000 to see our vision come to reality.

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